Ljungströms Paloma

On the nose Ljungströms Paloma has rich grapefruit notes and a hint of lemon peel.

Ljungströms Paloma  starts with strong refreshing grapefruit taste accompanied by a well-balanced sweetness, closing of with the tequilas slightly smoky notes and the citrus fruity yet sour finish.

Refreshing grapefruit taste, a dash quinine and lemon juice for balance and cane sugar as a sweetener Ljungströms Paloma is then topped with a tequila to give it that tasty paloma flavour.

Ljungströms Gin & Tonic

Ljungströms Gin & Tonic pours a light and dry classic GT with hints of lemon through the mid-palate and a long, lingering well-balanced crisp finish.

We love bubbles and added as many as we can of them into our Gin & Tonic. Big, brash and plenty, our carbonation is not shy, but lingers long in any cocktail.

Our choice of using quinine alongside London Dry gin and cane sugar as a sweetener is topped of with lemon juice to set a completely new standard for a dry perfectly balanced Gin & Tonic.

Ljungströms Moscow Mule

Ljungströms Moscow Mule has a strong refreshing ginger taste accompanied by a fresh lemon juice balanced sweetness, a dash of alcohol taste and close off with refreshing ginger notes.


Our high carbonation level ensures any cocktail stays crisp and fresh.


Crafted from vodka, ginger and lemon juice alongside cane sugar as a sweetener Ljungströms Moscow Mule is perfect on a hot summer day.


Premium Cocktails Crafted Just for You

We at Ljungström take pride in making cocktails that are at a level of what you are served in a bar or restaurant.

While other brands run by pencil pushers look at cost – cost and cost we put effort into creating recipes that cocktails connoisseurs can enjoy.

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