Carrying on the legacy of three generations of Swedish beverage makers, Two Tall Brothers was founded by brothers, Magnus and Henrik.

We simply wanted to create a range of fantastic drink mixers for grown ups, not too sweet, not too sour but rich flavours balanced for a mature pallet.

Tall Brothers Beverages was our answer.

Tall Brothers Crisp Tonic !

Light and fresh on the nose, Two Tall Brothers Tonic pours a light and dry classic tonic with hints of lemon grass and rhubarb through the mid-palate and a long, lingering well-balanced crisp finish.

We love bubbles and added as many as we can of them into our tonic. Big, brash and plenty, our carbonation is not shy, but lingers long in any cocktail.


Our choice of using quinine alongside cane sugar as a sweetener topped of with fresh lemon juice sets a completely new standard for a dry perfectly balanced and crisp tonic.

Tall Brothers Refreshing Ginger !

With dry and fresh ginger notes Two Tall Brothers is a delight on the nose.

Two Tall Brothers Ginger opens up with strong refreshing ginger taste accompanied by a fresh lemon juice balanced sweetness while closing off with a slightly spicy ginger flavour, creating a new standard for a ginger beer.


This is not something you serve kids but is to be used as a ingredient to the perfect Moscow Mule or Dark & Ginger


Crafted from ginger and lemon juice alongside cane sugar as a sweetener Two Tall Brothers Ginger is perfect on ice or in cocktails.

Tall Brothers Grapefruit, made for summer !

On the nose Two Tall Brothers Grapefruit has rich grapefruit notes and a hint of lemon peel.

Two Tall Brothers Grapefruit  starts with strong refreshing grapefruit notes accompanied by a well-balanced sweetness, closing of with a long fruity sour finish.

Refreshing grapefruit taste, a dash quinine and lemon juice for balance and cane sugar as a sweetener Two Tall Brothers Grapefruit is then topped with a grapefruit to give it a well balanced summery flavour.

Fantastic with ice on a hot day, awesome with gin or tequila added.

Perfect on a hot summer day !

Two Tall Brothers Bubbly Soda Water

A stable in any bar, fridge or mini-bar our soda water pops with bubbles.

Made using our hard water source our soda water has a bite to it and taste very dry with completely neutral taste notes and long lasting bubbles.

We maxed out the carbonation level and added as many bubbles possible to create a soda water that stays bubbly and fresh in any drink or cocktail.

100% Bubbly !